One of the Technical Assistance Grantee’s (TAG Team) responsibilities was to develop a series of publications detailing the work of the CIAIP grantee initiatives and disseminate them widely. The purpose of these publications is threefold: 1) To document the grantees’ work and report successes and challenges; 2) To summarize lessons learned from the grantees’ and the TAG’s experiences; and 3) To communicate these lessons learned and resources to organizations around the country that are planning to implement aging in place initiatives in their own communities.

To these ends, the TAG Team has prepared several types of reports:

Overall Report

This report includes background information on the CIAIP program and the history of the U.S. Administration on Aging’s support of aging in place initiatives; a framework describing the types of aging in place initiatives the CIAIP grantees implemented (as well as a more generic framework); and lessons learned by the grantees and the TAG Team.

Descriptions of CIAIP Grantee Projects

These descriptions include grantee goals, selected accomplishments, products, and contact information.

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Case Studies

These provide in-depth information on selected CIAIP grantee initiatives.

More Case Studies Coming Soon

Practice Briefs

These briefs are reports on themes that CIAIP initiatives had in common, such as the challenges of conducting evaluations and making sustainability plans.

More Briefs Coming Soon

Resources and Tools

These resources and tools developed by the TAG Team, CIAIP grantees, and others may be useful for organizations interested in developing aging in place projects in their own communities.

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